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Düker Centricast joins Future Metals Technologies

Düker Technology

Tailor-Made Centrifugal Casting Machines is now part of the FMT family of products.

DÜKER centrifugal casting technology ,based in Karlstadt Germany., has been in operation worldwide for more than 60 years.

Düker plans, designs and project manages, complete centrifugal casting machines and plants, with associated production lines, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our production plants are used worldwide for the manufacture of pipes and cylinder liners as well as other rotation-symmetrical castings made of different materials.

The centrifugal casting process is based on the principle of mould filling through centrifugal forces. The metal runs through a casting launder into the mould rotating horizontally or vertically. The inside contour of the centrifugal mould mimics the outside radius of the rotation-symmetrical casting being produced. The inside diameter of the casting is defined through the poured metal quantity. The molten metal is pressed to the inside of the mould by the centrifugal forces and solidifies there. The casting is drawn out of the mould while still glowing.

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