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Fontec-global LLC of Michigan, USA and Future Metals Technologies GmbH of Germany are pleased to be associated with Unitherm Furnaces LLC.

Unitherm Furnace, LLC, headquartered in Wentzville, Mo., is an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited manufacturer of custom thermal processing equipment, industrial furnaces and ovens.

Established in 1980 Unitherm has more than 65 years of industry experience enabling them to create unique designs and solutions for themal processing. The wide use of standard components also ensures cost effective maintenance over the life of the equipment.

Unitherm has thrived on the quality of its work to drive business and Unitherm products are now at work in military installations, aerospace facilities, charcoal-manufacturing firms, ceramics companies, and metal-forging plants around the country.

Product range has included almost every type of electrically or gas heated thermal processing equipment over the years from small box furnaces to large continuous units, from simple ladle heaters to crucible furnaces and comprehensive spare parts and service support


Calibration and certification of thermal installations is also a strong feature of Unitherm’s activities and ISO 10725 accreditation allows them to meet the strict AMS2750E Aerospace Specifications, the industry’s toughest.

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