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with a global perspective
Martin Reeves
A global perspective on local development


Martin Reeves

Bringing a wealth of international experience in the metallurgical, ferrous and non-ferrous foundry and heat treatment industries developed over 5 decades and 6 continent and a desire to see this information and experience passed on to the next generation.


From craft apprentice to Managing Director via, technical, manufacturing, sales/commercial, marketing and management activities has provided a broad and deep understanding of the needs of foundry and heat treatment industries, and now looking for opportunities to put these skills to work to help develop sustainable businesses in these sectors and to pass on this knowledge to the next generation of technologists for the future.


A focus on metallurgical processes and industries and on diagnostic and analytic skills (teaching curiosity) is an important part of this development process, and a high emphasis on ethics and integrity and on mentoring, communication and team building.


fontec-global is able to offer in-depth audits and assessments of melting shop efficiencies and recommend improvements, assist with project management for improvements or capital expansions, develop and provide training programs and is prepared to consider assignments internationally or locally.
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