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Sialon thermocouple tubes are an excellent alternatice to the Silicon Carbide or Graphite protection tubes used in many shaftMelters metal bath.

Durability and lifecycle more than offsets the increased costs of these items.

Avoid the issues with graphite tube on StrikoMelters.

Contact fontec-global for pricing and avaiability.

Usage Guidelines for Sialon Tubes in Molten Aluminum
Thermocouple Sheaths (TCSs)
Sialon-sheathed thermocouples should preferably be pre-heated to approx 400°C before inserting into the metal for an aluminum alloy at say 715°C. 

Note: Heating sialon tubes up with a torch can cause localized overheating and failure and should avoid excessive thermal gradients  However, it is often most convenient to pre-heat the thermocouple simply by placing or holding it above the melt for approx. 10-15 minutes before insertion.
Any slag build-up on the tubes should be removed periodically by carefully scraping it off while the tubes are hot  

If the tubes are allowed to cool, the slag can be removed chemically by soaking in hydrochloric acid or a caustic soda solution.

Avoid the temptation to knock it off mechanically !

Sialon is relatively strong and tough by ceramic standards but mechanically shocking the tubes should be avoided.
Sialon can be removed directly from molten aluminum without thermal shocking but , however, they should not be force-cooled - say by applying air or water to the tubes.
Sialon tubes should never be allowed to freeze in the metal bath.

Consulting & advisory


Short or long term on-site assignments to monitor and identify potentials for process and equipment optimisation to create a climate of continuous improvement


  • Melt room surveys and reviews

  • identify constaints and opportunities to improve efficiencies           improvements in energy and materials usage

  • equipment maintenance and improvements

  • process and equipment optimisation

  • opportunities to improve melt quality & reduce process scrap

  • Project management assistance & support from concept to implementation

    • Assistance with new project developments

    • Process identification

    • Layouts and equipment choices

  • Advice and guidance on repairs and refurbishments, relining, refractory and construction choices.

Project management & support


Project management assistance & support from concept to implementation


  • Assistance with new project developments

  • Process identification

  • Layouts and equipment choices


Sales and marketing assistance for equipment producers in N America or internationally



There are always circumstances that compromise production and profitability and not enough personnel or time to analyse and rectify the problems.


Why not outsource this without having to increase headcount or overload existing personnel.?


This can be a single advisory visit and detailed report to an extended program of analysis and process optimisation working with your own people


Training of new employees or development of the next generation can be an integral and beneficial part of this same process.























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Hoppe Schwingtechnik - specialising in vibratory equipment for foundries. Including shake out, cooling tunnes, sand movement. see more



SINC Thermal LLC - in partnership with Gillespie and Powers is a new manufacturer of foundry equipment for primarily the non-ferrous foundries and die casters.

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