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What’s inside ?

Do you know what your castings look like inside ?

We often neglect the micro-structure of castings when trying to identify failures or looking for improved properties and casting efficiency.

Looking at the micro-structure can often tell us a lot about how the part has or will perform and what is really happening in the casting process. The development of structural die-castings has made this more important in recent years and although it is sometimes difficult to comprehend the time factor in the solidification of a High Pressure Die Casting it is important to understand that even within this very short time frame there are metal flows and movements taking place that ultimately affect the final structure of the metal and consequently it’s final performance.

Look at the micro-graphs here that show flow lines, changes in structural morphology that cannot be seen in the same way that massive inclusions or porosity can. But these will affect the physical properties of the casting and it’s final acceptance or scrap cost.




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Some of the projects this year 

Small magnesium foundry start up from first melt to first cast.

Melting practices and processes review for large automotive diecaster to identify and improve melt room practice and metal quality.

Design review of melting furnaces to improve perfomance and efficiencies.

Melt shop optimisation and best practices and metallurgy review fo large diecasting foundry

Ongoing assistance towards "World Class Melt Shop" practices with structural diecaster

Technical support and new furnace design support for global furnace company

Technical support in Germany for new furnace start-up and commissioning

New furnace designs for melting and holding Aluminium

Support for Sri Lankan iron foundry upgrade.

events calendar


AFS Aluminum Casting Conference

Knoxville, TN

5-7 November 2018

CastExpo 2019

AFS Metalcasting Congress

Atlanta, GA, USA
April 27-30, 2019,

GIFA 2019

Dusseldorf, Germany

25-29 June 2019

ASM Heat Treatment

Conference & Expo

15-17 October 2019

COBO Center, Detroit

product news



High Temperature Systems showed a very innovative range of molten metal pumps at the CastExpo show.

Hoppe Schwingtechnik produces world class foundry equipment for shake out, cooling and moving. Innovative design combined with first class manufacturing standards brings an industry leading standard to post casting processing.

Carpenter Brothers Inc agree to represent Future Metals Technologies in USA

Unitherm Furnace in Missouri has a unique range of foundry and heat treatment products

More coming soon ...

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