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What is Die Casting ?

Die Cast is a term many will be familiar with, having heard it used to refer to a particular part; sometimes as a recommendation, or sometimes inferring a cheaper alternative, but always as a ‘catch all’ for a production process that encompasses a whole range of technologies from cheap and cheerful to the highest technology. Here is a quick overview of what can be termed as Die Casting.

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fontec news



Some of the projects by fontec

Small magnesium foundry start up from first melt to first cast.

Melting practices and processes review for large automotive diecaster to identify and improve melt room practice and metal quality.

Design review of melting furnaces to improve perfomance and efficiencies.

Melt shop optimisation and best practices and metallurgy review fo large diecasting foundry

Ongoing assistance towards "World Class Melt Shop" practices with structural diecaster

Technical support and new furnace design support for global furnace company

Technical support in Germany for new furnace start-up and commissioning

New furnace designs for melting and holding Aluminium

Support for Sri Lankan iron foundry upgrade.

Technical support for Norwegian foundry furnace issues

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Many events have been postponed or cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay tuned for more information as circumstances change

product news


Hoppe Schwingtechnik produces world class foundry equipment for shake out, cooling and moving. Innovative design combined with first class manufacturing standards brings an industry leading standard to post casting processing.

SINC Thermal in Missouri has a unique range of foundry products

More coming soon ...

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