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A New Approach to ShaftMelter Design

​There are several aspects of ShaftMelter design that have always suffered from a compromise between cost and efficiency and these have now been addressed in some new designs.

A new approach to door design

  • Hydraulic positive open and close

  • Parallelogram operation

  • Double seals on cleaning doors

  • Rope seal replaceable from outside

  • Optional sideways angled cleaning doors

Charge and exhaust operation

  • Hydraulic or electro-mechanical operation

  • avoids the problems associated with broken, twisted and frayed cables

  • charge door, baffle, service platform

High quality refractory linings

  • High quality castables specified according to service environments

  • Safety layers and high insulating properties for maximum efficiency an

  • Multi-layer construction

  • ​Lowest practical skin temperatures

Flexible designs based on proven concepts

  • Modulating holding burner maintains temperature without disturbing metal surface and creating dross

  • •Extended pockets with independent heating

  • •Chip melting pockets

  • •Optional metal transfer by pumppump transfers.

  • •Tilting or tap-out filling of transfer ladles

  • •Porous plug degassing in holding baths.

  • •Launder connections and delivery systems

  • •Circulation pumps and alloying pockets.

  • •Independent degassing solutions

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